And if you are not satisfied with 333 theme, you can buy a free premium theme or build your own theme. So what would you do if you go to WooCommerce WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms and it’s built on top of WordPress installed WooCommerce. And you’re ready to start selling products and become an enormous project.

what is wordpress used for

The font or layout might change, but the words and images will be the same. One of the first things you’ll want to do when you set up your site is to change the WordPress theme. You’ll need to enter some details like the What is WordPress title and tagline for your new website. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to put here, as you can easily change these later. You’ll also be prompted to pick a theme for your site—again, you can change this later.

Case (a): If you want to build a fully featured website with WordPress

And yeah, so WordPress is also known for its famous five minutes, five minute install, meaning you can get started with WordPress very quickly. It’s sometimes it can take you 30 seconds sometimes can be it can take you more than five minutes. Yeah, again, WordPress is very popular for how easy it is to get started with. And yeah, and again, coming back to the free as in freedom. And it’s also free which I fully believe it because ours like 1000s and 1000s of hours have been utilized to Make WordPress the software that it is today. And yeah, so lighthouse 100% perfect lighthouse is possible on WordPress.

  • This will be a great way to make sure your work is noticeable.
  • Plugins can also be packaged as zip files that you upload through the Plugins menu uploader in your WordPress dashboard.
  • To sum up, plugins are add-on software used to build a fully functional website.
  • Your site’s homepage, sometimes also called the front page, needs to make a great first impression on your website’s visitors.

For example, if I delete the category of WordCamp, Asia and I can go to slash category and WordCamp these two will. So again, Tags and Categories are a way to categorize a group together similar posts. Normally category is usually used as primary, meaning more like a higher level taxonomy of high level categorization. Multiple tags are used in a post to categorize all the things that the post is talking about. So we just discovered what is a post in WordPress, perhaps post is like the basic or the base, post type. And I’ll call it about I just started about this is what can’t do.

WordPress Is Extensible

Okay, so now that it started, I will create a different open site. And yeah, this is how it looks like this is a default WordPress site. And the tagline for the site, just another WordPress site.

what is wordpress used for

Plenty of alternatives exist, there are “forks” of the WordPress code, and most websites that you visit use WordPress. According to ClassicPress, 25 percent or so of WordPress users are still running versions of the software from before the introduction of Gutenberg. That’s a potential security issue for their websites, one that ClassicPress can solve by offering an up-to-date CMS with the traditional editor. It is easy to use and suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. WordPress also gives you access to thousands of plugins, which enable you to add new features to your website. There are also drag and drop WordPress page builder plugins that let you completely customize your design and make custom templates without writing any code.

Get the Ebook: Getting Started with WordPress

This is going to open up the WordPress Page Editor, which is quite similar to the post editor. Like earlier, you can add content all you want and then press the ‘Publish’ button once you’re done. Of course, you might need to install plugins from outside the repository sometime. In that case, you’ll need to manually upload the plugin. From the Add Plugins page, click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ button at the top. As with themes, you can find a ton of plugins for free on the official WordPress website.

what is wordpress used for

WordPress is highly customizable, and that’s true even from an SEO point of view. You can use plugins, modify site settings, change theme files, and add your own PHP code to customize WordPress to fit the bill. WordPress VIP is also an exclusive option specifically for enterprise businesses. And all of that comes with enterprise-level scalability, reliability, speed, and security.

WordPress SEO: The Ultimate Guide

Think of a domain like your house number or name, enabling your traffic or visitors to track down your website’s exact location. And they do so by searching your domain name on the web. In the vague realm of the web, the domain works as the name and address for your website. For example, Google is a giant tech company, and its web address or domain name is These are just a few examples that we’ve presented here. But it’s pretty clear by now how widespread the use of this platform is and why.

Fortunately, WordPress is quite user-friendly, so it won’t take a lot of effort to become familiar with the interface. When you’re logged in, you’ll see the Bluehost dashboard something like this. Now to create a WordPress site, click on the ‘My Sites‘ option from the sidebar. After that is done, you’ll then be allowed to create a Bluehost account which enables you to move on to the next step. Other hosting companies like SiteGround are also similarly convenient. It’s much easier than you think to purchase web hosting since the companies have made a lot of effort to make sure that the whole process is simple.

Making Money with WordPress

You’ll also want to choose a theme with excellent documentation to walk you through setup. Share prospect information across sales team members? Jetpack CRM enables you to do all of that, from inside WordPress. This is an incredibly powerful opportunity for any business, whether you run an ice cream shop, online store, or graphic design agency. And WordPress enables you to create all of those store types — and more — with the help of WooCommerce.

what is wordpress used for

With WordPress, you pay a monthly hosting fee and add any feature to your website using plugins. Most of them are free or have free alternatives, which gives you the freedom to control the cost of your WordPress website. There are dozens of website builders and potential WordPress alternatives on the market that you can use to make your website. However, we believe that WordPress is the best platform for beginners and small businesses. There are 60,000+ free WordPress plugins in the WordPress plugin directory alone.

What is Shopify and What is It Used for? (Ultimate Guide)

It falls into the category of CMS — content management system — which is a tool used to build and manage websites without code. So when you install a fresh copy of WordPress, you will get this sample page. So if you want to see the other menu, it’s called secondary menu, create a new menu and for sure, right, right, is perhaps just an interview, I just post them. Okay, the secondary menu, and this is the primary meaning.