Moreover, CRM integration with other systems should be straightforward so you can ensure it will accommodate your organization’s changing needs without any hassle. Multi-device compatibility
When selecting a system, make sure it is compatible with various web-enabled devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. This ensures that your team can remain in contact with clients at any time. Data security
Reliable data security is a vital consideration for any brokerage. By selecting the right CRM, you can guarantee that your client’s information is safely encrypted and safeguarded with user authentication features.

  • Thanks to its relative simplicity and rich analytical tool set, most traders choose this terminal to make their first steps on the financial markets.
  • Give your customers the world’s best forex brokerage experience with AltimaCRM.
  • You can enhance your advertising effectiveness by automatically assigning statuses, selecting different advertising channels, and taking advantage of pre-designed landing pages.
  • Leverage Forex CRM Solution to boost sales and customer retention for your brokerage.
  • LX CRM is customized to your needs, offering a set of dashboards and widgets so that you could activate the mandatory settings to make your system as effective as possible.

Role Management feature allows you to assign specific roles and permissions to different team members, ensuring that everyone has the right level of access and accountability. We use encryption, access controls, and regular audits to ensure its protection and minimize any risks. Leverage Forex CRM Solution to boost sales and customer retention for your brokerage.

With proven strategies to improve engagement and loyalty, our system streamlines customer interaction for your agents. Save your employees time by streamlining KYC and data verification processes on AltimaCRM. Our systems synchronize with Google Cloud Vision Services to verify documents and streamline customer sign-ups.


Excellent work, amazing team, effective cost, quick support and smart work!!! The output is beyond the expectation so really appreciate the team efforts. With FX Back Office, you can use mobile accessibility with all necessary information included in the portable version. A training professional will guide your team through all your systems, and you are good to go!. LXCRM can be seamlessly integrated with affiliate systems, emailers, SMS, and more. LX CRM is customized to your needs, offering a set of dashboards and widgets so that you could activate the mandatory settings to make your system as effective as possible.

Finalto 360 is a turnkey trading system that comprises 5 modules and 1 next-level platform. Brokers get a multi-asset platform available for both web and mobile devices. An innovative and eye-catching CRM system called B2Core aims to revolutionize the management of brokerage companies. No matter which business model is chosen, CRMs are equally important for both independent brokerage companies and White Label Forex brokers.

Gain easy access to all the most popular fiat currencies, сryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Use smart lead routing rules to automatically pass leads to sales staff so that they can quickly reach out to warm prospects and convert them while interest is high. PheasanTech Forex CRM gives you a totally secure, customized and scalable forex CRM system that will allow your team to achieve the targets, within given timeline.

Sales pipeline management is one of the most important aspects of running a forex brokerage. With AltimaCRM, you can effortlessly keep track of different clients, their position in your funnel, and contact methods. B2Core CRM is a comprehensive white label software developed by B2Broker to serve business needs in the Forex and crypto markets. It combines the CRM, trader’s room, and back-office tools under one roof, which is easy to use and manage on all popular trading platforms. Upon completing initial go to market strategy validation, our customer was eager to get the companies valuable solution into the hands of more Forex brokers, and we didn’t blame him.

The CRM solution from Leverate offers a tool that can allow non-stop communication and data sharing between several applications. Also, SMS integration unlocks tremendous potential in customer relationship management and marketing, providing a range of useful
features — from individualized texts to bulk messages. This is why business owners may compare conditions offered by different providers to understand which CRM system for Forex broker is the best solution.

One way FX CRM tools do this is by letting you divide clients based on a wide variety of factors, like country of residence, annual income, or EMIR classification. This can help with client retention efforts, compliance management, and more. I am a well-rounded financial services professional experienced in fundamental and technical analysis, global macroeconomic research, foreign exchange and commodity markets and an independent trader. However, there are a few factors that you should always keep in mind when making your decision.

Give your customers the world’s best forex brokerage experience with AltimaCRM. World-class brokerage technology will allow you to streamline forex marketing, hone your operational workflows, and satisfy your customers at every turn. With reduced operational costs, improved sales figures, and a better forex sales pipeline – we’re the best in the business. Used to record and process marketing leads and incomplete client registrations.

Let Your Brokerage Thrive With A Comprehensive Forex CRM Solution

Our Payment Gateway feature allows you to securely accept payments from customers via multiple third-party payment methods, to make payments convenient. Our Ticketing Support System feature enables you to streamline your customer support process, ensuring that customer inquiries are tracked, assigned, and resolved in a timely manner. Your partners can get different Excel reports detailing their clients’ trading volumes and other data important for their IB rewards. You can also arrange how frequently different types of reports are generated.

Client distribution settings

With an all-in-one marketing and data platform, data streams from each and every one of your marketing platforms will filter into a single source of truth. No matter where you market, our system will collect data and allow you to refine your approach. Run A/B tests, get continual real-time data updates, and visualize your global network impact. The best and the most popular professional Forex/Crypto trading platform White Label solution tailored specifically to your brand. Allow your clients to verify their accounts before conducting any financial activities on the platform. Our aim at UpTrader is to support all the best practices on the market so you can quickly build your own business processes by selecting the best options for you.

Finalto is a regulated global liquidity provider and prime broker based in the UK. The company offers clients resilient and tailored liquidity options as well as diverse software solutions for Forex brokers – including the reliable Forex CRM software. Finalto’s cloud-based CRM is a one-stop solution for all operational needs, giving brokers the ability to manage leads, traders, accounts, and transactions from one place. It also offers advanced analytics capabilities that help firms make informed decisions quickly. The CurrentDesk CRM system helps brokers automate inner processes and optimize sales and onboarding processes.