Names like Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok, Luka “Perkz” Perković, and Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang may not have quite the same recognition yet, but these athletes are also becoming global superstars. Although the eSports industry is not new (it has been around since the 1990s) it has only recently begun to gain traction. Plus, advanced Internet services solve connectivity issues and allow the user and the spectator to immerse themselves in the game without interruption. Twitch allows you to broadcast yourself and it has led to a lot of people chasing fame.

Both central and southern Africa would still be too far from the servers; South Africa in particular has large player bases that would continue to be under served. But by paying close attention to what’s going on behind the scenes at the biggest game developers and esports organisations, our news stories will hopefully help you see what could be the next big thing. So if you are keen to stay informed about the ever-changing world of esports, be sure to keep checking back to our esports news articles. But we won’t be just naming and shaming those esports stars who have proven to have a negative effect on competitive gaming. We will also be asking questions about some of the things that are holding esports back.

For other titles, simply google the game name followed by “esports”, and you’ll be led to the right place. Some major games not covered by Esports Calendar include fighting games like Street Fighter esports and Tekken esports, along with Apex Legends esports, PUBG esports, Rocket League esports, Rainbow Six Siege esports, and FIFA 20 esports. There are two elements that play crucial roles in helping a game to succeed as an esport; enjoyability and balance.


If you have any interest in the world of competitive gaming, you will need to pay attention to our esports news articles. This is because our esports news service covers every angle of competitive gaming to give you a full picture of what’s really going on. Most of us will know how there is a lot of hot air and misinformation in the world of esports, but by reading our esports news articles you will get all of the most relevant facts and intriguing rumours. The easiest way to introduce those who do not know anything about esports is to take the Super Bowl and replace the physical contact sport with two teams of gamers playing Madden on an Xbox, but leave 100% of everything else the same. That means leave the production standards, the marketing, the advertising, the performances, the analytics, the sportscasting, the camera crews, the ticketing office, the broadcast, and so much more.

If you are a dedicated gamer, then there’s a fair chance that you might not be interested in all of the latest boardroom dealings. But if you are keen to see which businesses are transforming the face of modern esports, then our esports news stories are the perfect place to start. The University of Oklahoma has degree plans in Journalism, Business, Entrepreneurship (Business), Law, Social Work, and more that can correlate with our objectives. While we do not have well-developed relationships quite yet we have tons of students from those disciplines that are helping us solidify our programming and infrastructure in the club and paving the way. The collegiate campus continues to be one of the best places in the entire industry to develop esports infrastructure. We have the age demographics all in one place, meeting spaces, are already teaching and training future professionals, and have an abundance of technology that can be used for this purpose.

By 2022, League of Legends had amassed $93m in prize money, introduced approximately 8,150 players, and seen 2700 tournaments. By 2022, Fortnite had amassed $112m in prize money, introduced approximately 4,900 players, and seen 750 tournaments. Fortnite is a strange example, but it certainly cuts its way into the top 10 games. When Fortnite launched, it was a remarkable success, becoming a fan favourite title almost overnight.

  • On the other hand, balance is key because otherwise the game becomes uninteresting.
  • By 2022, Siege had amassed $24m in prize money, introduced approximately 2164 players, and seen 350 tournaments.
  • With the launch of the Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft is taking a whole new approach to the console wars.

Many gamers organize LAN parties or visit Internet cafés, and most major tournaments are conducted over LANs. In the 1990s, many games benefited from increasing internet connectivity, especially PC games. PC games played at the CPL included the Counter-Strike series, Quake series, StarCraft, and Warcraft.

In the past couple of decades we have seen several brands shaking up the esports scene. From esports tournament organisers like ESL and DreamHack, to games developers such as Blizzard Activision, Riot Games and Valve Corporation, there’s a real race on to provide gaming fans with the ultimate in esports entertainment. From the growing relationship between esports and traditional sports, to some of the big partnership deals between gaming organisations and non-endemic brands, our esports news service will help you see how esports is developing. Have you played League of Legends, Call of Duty, Madden, Candy Crush, Animal Crossing, or Angry Birds? In a 2019 report by Esports Scholastic Assocation, they discovered that 65% of the entire year old age demographics in the U.S. played a video game of some sort.

While it is common for video games to be designed with the experience of the player in game being the only priority, many successful esports games have been designed to be played professionally from the beginning. Developers may decide to add dedicated esports features, or even make design compromises to support high level competition. Games such as StarCraft II,[142] League of Legends,[143] and Dota 2[144] have all been designed, at least in part, to support professional competition. Because developers hold the sole intellectual property rights to their titles, they are also the sole entities that determine who has access to a game, and at what quality, making distribution and access also drastically different from traditional sports. A high latency, referred to as lag—the time between a user’s input and the command being read—renders esports unplayable.