Thank you for your interest in learning how SWS Group (referred to as SWS going forward) Partnership program works.

SWS Introduction: –

SWS has been operating since 2012 helping businesses of all kinds and sizes achieve the optimal benefits from the power of the Internet. Most businesses (even 1 or 2 men/women band businesses) understand that they need to leverage the online platforms, but majority don’t know how they can get the right target clients via online activity. This is mainly due to their digital presence being low or their brand awareness limited, or they lack in having a strong Reputation that would create trust for others to buy their products/services.

With our unique technology and privilege in having a dedicated talented specialists’ technical team we are humbled to have served over 1,000+ clients (ranging from 1man/woman company to mid size to even large businesses with hundreds of staff) in more than 20 countries.

Our main service is Reputation Marketing which is a unique regularly award -winning proprietary technology we have that is crucial for any business to build their online credibility. Every business whether they do marketing or not require Reputation Marketing to build trust, awareness and branding of their business. We have various packages that can easily fit even budgets of small businesses. This service is useful to any business whether young, old, successful even those struggling. Over one million reviews have been collected using our platform hence its tried and tested platform in use since 2012. Each client gets a tailor-made service and not an off-the-shelf software. Benefits our clients have achieved including increased profits, improved customer service, retention of existing clients, protecting reputation, building the brand, building value, enhancing client relationship, saving time, standing out from competition etc. etc.

We offer various other services and online solutions for our clients that fit their requirements and budget – a complete digital marketing solution besides Reputation Marketing that is fulfilled by our technical and quality control team and backed by our customer service team dedicated to clients achieving success via our solutions.

SWS Business Collaboration Model: –

We are certain you agree that this is an era of collaboration and co-operation and with that in mind several years ago we were approached by a few individuals if they can offer our unique service to their clients and hence our partnership programme began around 2017 and we have been enhancing this as time goes.

By virtue of taking this route we have a win-win-win situation being created.

  1. Our team members have an opportunity of having their own digital marketing agency without investing any money, time to get skills or incur monthly overheads such as staff costs etc. Digital Marketing is a billion-dollar industry. Our team members can leverage on SWS experience, technology and success stories. SWS would provide the resources to the right individuals who meet criteria to assist them succeed with us.
  2. Due to economies of scale by partnering with people who are right fit we have managed to continually increase our clientele base ensuring we can keep our rates low and benefit businesses who don’t need to spend a fortune in online marketing as most companies charge.
  3. Obviously with our partners and clients’ success, SWS can do ongoing investments in technology, their current and future team as well as being able to expand and execute its CSR activities.

Below are frequently asked questions:

FAQs: –

Q1: – You mentioned that there is no investment?

A: – ‘Yes that’s right. SWS doesn’t need to charge their partners any fees for training or for helping new team members sign clients.  Once we get a new team member, SWS would need to allocate its own resources to support the new member to succeed this would also include provide resources for free initial assessment and consultation service to their prospective clients.

As a result, we do have an application form that we require our interested team members to fill to understand different partnership model we have and also give us a small bio of themselves so we can evaluate if this is right fit for you.

Q2: – What do you expect from your team members?

A: – Willingness to learn and few hours’ time commitment (that’s dependent on what level of partnership would be most ideal). You do not need to have any technical skills as SWS will do all the technical work for your clients. You do need to have contacts of businesses that you can approach which we will train you how to do so.

Q3: – Is this a MLM/pyramid scheme?

A: – To clarify this is not MLM or any kind of ponzi/ pyramid scheme. It’s a simple value-for-value business partnership whereby you bring businesses you already know would benefit from SWS expertise for an initial free consultation and evaluation. When the clients sign up for relevant affordable solution based on what their needs are, all technical work will be done by SWS team and we will gladly share the monthly revenue with you. More information available on application form.

Q4: – So I have to be a super-sales person?

A: – Sales experience can help but it is not needed. Until you have a clientele base a mentor will assist you in doing presentations and teaching you how to explain to your prospects on benefits of what we do and helping you sign them up. This will be done for minimum 10 meetings by which time you will certainly start building a portfolio of clients and more importantly start earning a monthly passive income. Over the years, we have developed a proven technique of getting clients to sign up with us with experience of 1,000+ clients. Once a client signs up, they pay a monthly subscription fee and you can benefit from monthly residual earnings as will be explained in the business partner interest form. We have different ways of sharing the revenue and you can get clients anywhere in the world.

Q5: – What makes your team succeed working with you part-time or full-time.?

A: – Besides full training and massive support provided, SWS Reputation Marketing and other solutions make it simple to get clients interested in our services. Our solutions are very reasonably priced and bring massive value to clients who are serious about building their brand, Reputation and/or get more customers via our solutions. In fact, for those businesses who are wiling to make a quick decision to start working with us we also offer 100% money back guarantee via our multiple award-winning Reputation Marketing solutions.

SWS Business opportunity has a unique product which helps other businesses grow. Our team members have an opportunity to start a business ‘financed by SWS (details provided in meeting for qualified candidates)’; that has no overheads, can suit one’s lifestyle, can be portable via your laptop/tablet, work round your time hence flexible, giving a passive income and lifestyle choice.  Full support provided to our Team Members’ success in this rewarding business

Q6: – I don’t know any businesses so will this work for me?

A: – That’s a common reaction that comes up. However, we all have a dentist, garage, our favourite restaurants, saloon, plumber etc whose services we use as human beings. Part of our training provided to the right candidate will be full guidance you on how to approach these people and invite them for an initial 30-minute free service we will provide them. The initial assessment and consultation would be worth £297 which SWS will cover the costs on your clients’ behalf.

Q7: – I have a full-time job will this work for me/ who will this work for?

A: – Anyone seeking an additional part-time passive income willing to commit 2-3 hours a week can do this. A business that offers a high % passive income & a great lifestyle opportunity which can eventually offer time & financial freedom requires some time investment. Reputation and overall Digital Marketing is a huge industry and you can get a ‘piece of the pie’ without any technical knowledge and need of any financial commitment

Q8: – What will my clients get from SWS?

A: – In the first meeting (and as explained above) they will get a free audit assessment of their complete online profile as well as complimentary tips on how to fix their issues. This session would be worth £297 (which SWS will cover the cost; neither your client or you would have to pay for this and this is one of the many ways SWS will invest in your success amongst other ways).

During that meeting (which can be via zoom) your clients will get immense value via report and free education. We will share the secrets on online success that they would not have known (or told by their web developers etc).  Most businesses when enlightened may ask us to assist them in implementing what is needed and we can offer them reasonable solutions that can fit their budget. No business is too small or too big for us to have the privilege to assist them. All our solutions for clients are tailor-made.

We provide great ROI to our clients and hence they tend to be with us long time giving our Partners a great ongoing passive income. You can source clients anywhere in and out of your country of residence; not limited to your local area.

Once they sign-up SWS will do technical work so they can get benefits. Examples can be found on and

Want to know more? Please get in touch with SWS for next steps.