Limited Liability

SWS’s total liability to Client under this Agreement for damages, costs, and expenses shall not exceed the compensation received by SWS under this Agreement for the first three months only (if paying monthly) OR for the first twelve months service (if paying annually upfront) as per the service chosen. There have been no promises or agreements in the contracted work that will result in any sales, profits, or revenue for the client.  The contracted work and training are strictly for helping the client to develop an online presence and provide services as specified on Page 1 dependent on co-operation from client. SWS will keep all Client information confidential. Consultants from SWS will offer a high level of professionalism during all on-site and off-site interaction with the client. We can sign an NDA if required.


SWS will be responsible for all expenses required for the performance of the contractual services. For any additional services which are elected by the client, SWS will submit a budget and client to settle payment before work commences.

 Terminating the Agreement

This agreement is for the monthly maintenance of your Digital Marketing service & client agrees to maintain the contract for 12 months (for all services unless specified differently) after which it automatically turns into 1-month rolling contract and may be cancelled with a 30-day written email notice. The Full Payment will be due for the full duration of the contract without exception. Until written notice is received the billing will continue for which payments will be due without exception. Invoices raised prior to the receipt of the notice received (after the end of contract period) will have to be paid. 3% monthly compounded interest will be charged on late payments. All web codes/ digital platform provided etc. by SWS will be accessible only during the contract period and for the payments received.

Intellectual Property Ownership

SWS shall retain all copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights to the strategies that have been given to the client.  These intellectual properties are not to be shared with any parties that are not a part of this contract. SWS will maintain ownership of the SWS’s resources used. Example:  Sites and resources solely hosted and SWS optimized website codes, SWS systems, reputation platform etc. The CRM will work during contract period only.


Client shall obtain all necessary copyright permissions and privacy releases for materials included in the content that is given to the SWS. Client gives full permission to use all content provided to the SWS under the terms of this agreement, including photos, videos, and all other content provided to the SWS. Client shall indemnify SWS against all claims and expenses, including all legal fees, due to client’s failure to obtain such permissions or releases.