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Your team’s responsibility is easy. Simply collect feedback; we take care of the ‘heavy lifting’.

  1. Train And Follow Up With Your Staff On Reputation & Inspire Your Team To Give Great Service.
  2. Develop A Reputation Strategy For You To Get Reviews Fast.
  3. Build Your Reputation On All Major Platforms So You Become The ‘Preferred Supplier’ Every Time
  4. Monitor & Alert You On New Feedback Regularly.
  5. Create Monthly Online Reputation & Feedback Analysis Reports.
  6. Send Out Thank-you/Apology Emails On Your Behalf To Your Clients Who Used Feedback Page.
  7. Regularly Post Your Positive Reviews To Website, Blog
  8.  Show Latest 5-Star Reviews As Pop-Up On Your Website.
    Displaying reviews (not testimonials) on website can increase conversion rates by 270%’ – Spiegel Research Centre
  9. Create Professional Review Images For Regular Syndication On Your Facebook Business Page, Google Business post, Personal LinkedIn, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter & Foursquare As Applicable.
  10. Create A Custom Feedback CRM, Write & Setup Email Campaigns.
  11. Create Promotions Via Your SWS CRM Platform To Get Customers Buying More Each Month.
  12. Protect Your Hard-Earned Reputation.

Convergys Corp. Study: A single Negative Online Review Can Cost the Average Business an Average Loss of 30 Customers’

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